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Tati, brazilian, 20-something (I'm old) And that's it.
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me in exams

Me when ppl ask me about school, jobs & my future

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♪ I’ve never been this fucking uncomfortable 

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this is like one of those tumblr text posts that never happened except this happened

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I don’t really have anything to prove at this point. I just do it for fun and see what happens. 

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Stana Katic & kids

"I’ll see Stana running up and down the lot with some kid and I’ll say, ‘Who is that?’ just assuming it’s one of her relatives. ‘Oh, this? This is so-and-so’s daughter.’ All the producers bring their kids to the set and they’re all in love with this girl. They’re all, ‘Staaana!’ " - Tamala Jones on Stana with kids on set

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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